Arriving in Chicago…

after months of planning and anticipation was fraught with its own difficulties! I managed to leave my purse at a restaurant the night before…with all my travel cash INSIDE it! A quick call to the management had assured me that the purse had been found and safely placed in the manager’s office, but we had to detour a bit on the way to the airport to retrieve it, and I sheepishly owned the eye-rolling and ribbing of my husband, who patiently puts up with my foibles!

Meeting my fellow teachers for the first time was great. Meg, John and Lisa made a particular impression and were great to talk to and share anticipation with. We were all excited to get our journey started, and the sunset, just before boarding our plane, seemed to bode well for our wonderful trip.IMG_3372

The Turkish Airlines amenities were abundant, complete with sleep mask, slippers and socks! Not to mention the above average food! U.S. airlines…take notice! I had a wonderful seat mate, who was traveling to Istanbul to visit family. This personable woman, a research scientist, originally from Iran, but living in St. Louis for 25 years, made a lively companion and guide to Istanbul. She also shared tips on Turkish food and her own connections to Turkey. I couldn’t have asked for a better acquaintance and we have now ended up Facebook friends! The miracle of air travel brings people together, doesn’t it?


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