“I haven’t been everywhere

…but it’s on my list”—Susan Sontag.

When I first got the news that TCF had chosen me to travel with their Teacher Tour of Turkey, I was amazed and thrilled. I’ve had a fascination with the Middle East and have studied the region with a special admiration for many years, beginning with my first geopolitical awakening, at 16, when I made friends with several college students from Iran while attending a summer science program. They were charming and engaging, had lovely music and introduced me to some of the best food in the world. But their country was on the verge of a change, which would affect my country as well, and I followed the eruption of the Islamic Revolution in Iran with growing trepidation and wonder.

Thus began a life long yearning to “know” other places…to understand the human condition…and to travel in time and place beyond my small world. So TCF has helped to fulfill that continual yearning, and I’m grateful that I will get to see the land of dervishes and fairy towers; swim in Homer’s “wine dark sea” and see, with my own eyes, where the “topless towers of Ilium” once stood. Aerial View of Archaeological Site of Troy



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